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01 Introduction

The Mandatory Training Program includes various "Aviation" related courses throughout the year. However cadets interested in applying for a Gliding or Flying Scholarship Course must follow our Ground School Programs. The Squadron Ground School is specific to 690 Lakeshore Squadron, many squadrons do not offer similar programs.

02 squadron ground school

This is for cadets who have dreams of becoming a pilot through Air Cadets, or for those who are simply interested in "Aviation". The program provides the cadets with additional exposure to the aviation courses and lays the groundwork for those who plan to continue with the Scholarship Ground School. It is held on Friday nights during the 2nd half of the cadet year and runs for 1/2 the night (1 hour & 20 minutes). Pre-requisites: None. However as spaces are limited, cadets MUST attend regularly or they will be asked to leave the program.


03 scholarship ground school

This program is open only to cadets eligible for the Gliding or Flying Scholarship Course and is designed to prepare candidates for the national exams & interviews and for the summer course.


Running for 3 hours every Friday night (Sept - Feb), it is very similar to the training given in accredited flying schools. Topics include Airmanship, Theory of Flight, Airframes, Navigation and Meteorology. Practical flight planning exercises, group study and weekly homework assignments are all a part of the training. 

04 scholarships

Every year, the squadron can receive up to 8 Scholarships

(4 Glider/4 Power). An intensive internal selection process based on the National Selection Criteria is used in order to identify the best candidates. The number of positions allocated to each Squadron is based on their number of cadets.


05 instructors

This advanced training is given by 690's licensed pilots. The Scholarship Ground School is run by Capt. Chang and 2lt Broadley. The Squadron Ground School Program is run by senior cadet pilots.

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