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This section is meant for current cadets of 690. Here, you will find many documents to use as reference and to keep up-to-date on current events. 

UpCOMING EVENTS and important info for currently registered cadets
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Transition back to In-Person activities at Felix-Leclerc school

We are moving back to in-person activities on Monday evenings 18:30 to approx. 20:30.
Dress: C3E blue uniform (only if it ALL still fits). C3E is described on the Dress and Supply page.
If it doesn't fit, dark pants (no jeans) and white polo or dress shirt.

Please make an appointment from our Join 690 page.

The following requirements that we've all become used to will apply:

1. You must wear a disposable mask (no cloth or other reusables).
2. Sanitation stations will be available.

3. You must read and agree to the rules and sign in at the door.
4. No parents or other visitors are allowed in.
5. Social distancing rules apply.

6. Level bubbles must be respected
7. No more than 25 people per activity space.
8. There is no food, and no canteen. Bring your own water bottle.

Not up to date on your paperwork?
Our events are open only to registered and up to date cadets. Cadets who have not yet completed their validation appointment have been deactivated, and must be reactivated. You may not participate in any activity, virtual or in-person until then.

Step 1:

Read our 2021-22 start-up Q&A document here.

Step 2
Print a and sign a copy of the cadet code of conduct

Step 3:

Register for a reactivation appointment here.

Step 4:

Send us your updated measurements so we can start working on uniform distribution.

For more events: CLICK HERE