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Please read the following common questions and answers regarding summer activities before contacting 690 Squadron. If you have not heard from us yet, it is because we have not yet received information specific to you.

Q:           When can I apply?
A:            For most cadets, applications will start at the end of February, and will close on Friday April 7th. Don't wait until the last day to apply! If you have questions, or a problem accessing the form with your Cadet365 account we will not be able to help you in time. National camps, power, glider International Exchange and Staff cadet applications closed on February 20th.


Q:           I didn't know about camps and it's past the deadline. Can I still go?
A:            We began talking about camps in February, in person on Mondays and in our weekly emails since February 3rd. The best we can do for cadets who miss the deadline is to try and get you on a waiting list, after we are finished the application process for those who sent their requests on time. If you do not get our weekly email, you should sign up here.

Q:           Where do I get my Cadet365 password to complete my application?
A:            Speak in person directly with your level officer. Do it early! If you leave your application to the last week and have a problem with your account or questions about camps, we will not be able to help you before the deadline. Cadet365 is required for many camps which are offered virtually or in a hybrid format with some parts online and some in-person. Participation in these camps require Cadet365, so our application process also requires it to ensure your account is activated. Click here for more information about Cadet365. Passwords for Cadet365 can only be sent to email addresses we already have on file, or given to you in person. 690 Squadron will never ask you for your password.

Q:           When will I find out if I’m accepted?
A:            It could come at any time between May, and the day a camp starts. 690 Squadron begins receiving confirmation offers for some advanced camps and staff applications as of early May. For cadets waiting on confirmations for the Cadet Activity Program (Levels 1 and 2), and some others, we are still waiting for confirmation. Allotment of spaces is done at the regional level and depends primarily on the number of officers and other adult staff available to manage the program for all Air, Army and Sea units in a wide geographical area, not just for 690 Squadron.

Q:           How will I find out when I’m accepted?
A:            We will email you the camp offer sheet when we have it.
It must be reviewed, signed, and returned to us promptly to secure your place.

Q:           When is my camp?
A:            Each camp is different.
The dates specific to yours will be indicated in the offer, but do not include travel days. For the Cadet Activity Programs for Levels 1 and 2, it will be in the Montreal area, and cadets will have to get there on their own. Your travel instructions will contain the exact location, and daily start/end times. For more advanced camps cadets will mainly travel by bus, some plane. This requires a large regionally coordinated effort, so travel instructions will be sent to you individually when they are ready.

Q:           When do I leave or return?
A:            Most likely you will be leaving the day before the start date on your offer form.
The exact date, time and place will be sent in what is called Travel Instructions. You will most likely be travelling the day before/after the start/end date on your offer.

Q:           I’m not available on the first/last day, or the travel day. Can I go anyway?
A:            No.
Cadets are expected to travel with the group and be present for the duration of the activity.

Q:           My friend cancelled, can I have their place?
A:            No.
Summer activities are managed regionally, and we cannot substitute one cadet for another.

Q:           Can I switch dates?
A:            No.
You can refuse the activity in your offer, and hope we are offered more places later, but there is no guarantee, and we cannot reserve anything for you.

Q:           What should I bring?
A:            A packing list will be included with your joining/travel instructions.

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