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An information booklet has been published on the main Camps page

All cadets who have accepted or are waiting for an offer must check their Cadet 365 email regularly.

•    For Cadets still waiting

New offers will be time sensitive, possibly with as little as 24 hours to react before the offer is given to another cadet, or a different unit. 

Camp offers contain personal information protected by law by the Government of Canada. You are free to do what you like with your own information, but we cannot email them to a personal email address. It is highly recommended to have your Cadet365 email account on a phone or tablet so you get notifications. We will do everything we can to get in touch with you, but staff at 690 Squadron handle cadet business around our job and family schedules, just like you do. Email is the fastest way for us to contact you.

•    For Cadets attending the Cadet Activity Program – Level 1 and 2.
Read the information booklet above.
A shuttle bus to Rigaud will be leaving from West Island College at 7:30AM from July 10th to 14th. Please note that the bus LEAVES WIC at 7:30, so you should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of that time. The return trip leaves at 16:30 and should get to WIC approximately 45 minutes later, at 17:15. This will largely depend on traffic on the bridges.
For cadets in Level 2, you will have a full weekend July 14th to 16th. You will not return on the 14th.

•    For Power, Glider, Staff and cadets attending a Cadet Training Center (CTC) - Levels 3 and up.
Read the information booklet above. In addition, you must complete the Cyber Awareness course before camp starts.
The links to the Cyber Awareness course are posted in Microsoft Teams.

For cadets attending a CTC, your experience begins with a few days of virtual participation a week or two before your departure date. The exact dates for you will be sent to your Cadet365 address. Expect these to happen between June 26th and July 7th. We expect Teams Meeting links to be sent to your Cadet 365 account directly by camp staff, not by 690 Squadron.
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