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all activities WILL BE VIRTUAL

Until further notice, in-person activities are not possible.
We will be using Microsoft Teams to host virtual activities.

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At 690 Squadron, our Training is conducted Monday evenings at Félix-Leclerc High School. Our schedule offers additional monthly activities such as: Sports nights (basketball, cosom hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer); Halloween Party, Beach Party & Wacky Sports Night, Movie Night and various tours.




Our documents are shared with Dropbox, which sometimes will ask people to sign up before downloading. This is not required, and you can skip the message by clicking the grey X in the top right of the sign-in window.

All activities will be virtual using Microsoft Teams until further notice. Please read this:
690 Squadron Cadet guide for MS Teams

12 October - Welcome back! Click to launch the meeting in Teams.
Opens at 18:30, starts at 18:45.

Part 2 for Level 2 @ 1930

Part 2 for Level 3 @ 1930

Part 2 for Level 4 @ 1930

We need an updated code of conduct form from everyone!

Please scan (in PDF format only - no photos) and send it to 690Aviation@cadets.gc.ca

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61st annual review


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