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I sent my application on time. Now what?

Round 1 - As we always do, 690 Squadron has received more requests than spaces available. Using your attendance and activity participation throughout the year, we will do our best to get something for as many cadets as we can. No applications are refused, but could still be waiting for a space to be available. When we have a space for you, you will receive an offer for participation which should be completed and returned with the button above.

Offers for participation are created by the region, and the first offers are usually distributed in mid May. We will send these to your Cadet365 email address, and may also distribute them in person. You will have to read, sign and return the offer to 690 Squadron by a specific date to indicate your acceptance.

Round 2 - If new spaces open up, we will try and get something for as many of those still waiting as we can. If you did not receive an offer in May, it could come at any time until the camp begins.

I submitted a late application. What happens? If we open late applications, it will happen later in April. Cadets who submitted applications on time and are still waiting will be offerred any spaces we can get first. Late applications will be considered after we have offerred something to everyone who was on time. If we have something to offer you, we will let you know when we do.

I changed my mind, and want a different camp or to cancel. Once a space is offerred to you, it cannot be changed. If you refuse your offer, the best we can do it put you on our waiting list. This any many other questions are on our FAQ page.

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